It took a while but it's finally done - my first solo EP!!  GREAT BIG thank you to my family and friends for all of their love, support and encouragement over the years.  Extra special thanks to Lawla, Joe and Ivan for always listening and keeping me grounded and motivated over the past two years (yes, this 5-song EP took me almost 2 years to complete!).  And to my musical families Vibrasol, Big Papa & the Sistas, Monte Carlo Band, Grayson Wray Project, and Riffmaster & the Rockme Foundation - I can't find the words to describe how my experiences in these bands have shaped the person and artist that I am today - I am forever grateful.  And finally, a SUPER HUGE thank you to my husband and collaborator, Nicolas Fournier.  This could never have happened without you!  LOVE!!!!


Track 1: You+ Me = Not to Be.  A lot was learned and good times were had, but in the end some things just aren't meant to be.  Track 2: Peace for a Place.  Right around the time I wrote this song, I'd started developing a tick of sorts that occurred when I recalled uncomfortable conversations I'd had earlier in the day.  The idea that I could escape from myself, even for a just brief period of time, was (and still is) beyond appealing.  Track 3: Fuzzy Brain, Heavy Body.  Fuzzy Brain was originally written for and recorded by Big Papa & the Sistas (Garage Girls, 2009).  The background vocals are written in four part harmony - one for Papa and each of the three Sistas.  The second section of this track, Heavy Body, was added for this album.  Track 4:  I Don't Wanna.  This song was originally written as an upbeat banjo tune.  The version on this album came out of a fight with my husband who really didn't like the upbeat repetitive song -  "What??  You want something like this instead?!" (Maura angrily stabs chords into her keyboard)  "Yes, that's exactly what I want."  And a song was born.  Track 5:  You Never Know Where You're Going. This song was originally intended to be a hidden track.  Fans of Riffmaster & the Rockme Foundation will recognize this song, originally written and recorded by a MUCH younger Maura.  Check out the original track featured on Riffmaster & the Rockme Foundation's All Stars album available on CD Baby.

Thanks for listening!



Album Credits:


Maura MB - all vocals, keys, programming

Nicolas Fournier - bass, guitar, keys, programming

Mr. Mo Cleary - guitars on track 5

Steve Rashid - piano on track 5

All songs written by Maura Murphy-Barrosse

All songs produced, recorded, and mixed by Nicolas Fournier at Avenue 65, LA, CA, except track 5 also recorded by Steve Rashid at Woodside Avenue Music Productions, Evanston IL.  Mastered by Mike Lazer at Paramount Mastering, LA, CA. ©℗ 2010 Avenue 65 Records.  All Rights Reserved.