National Music Examiner, June 2011

LA's talented sassy mama, Ms. Maura is laying down some serious tracks on this EP.  Proving that if you're going to do an EP, you should cut the fat and give 'em your best, this lady proves to have the talent and skill to do just that.  If you enjoy Shirley Bassey's style, Adele's throaty range, and some textured, complex musical arrangements that traverse through jazz/classical/world rhythms.  Each track melds beautifully into the next and yet each packs a powerful punch unto itself.  "I don't wanna" exudes truth, beauty, and honesty expressed with a rich soulfulness.  These 5 songs have been on repeat rotation since first hearing this EP for it's a fresh, timeless, deep cohesive effort by a deserving to be called "Diva", Ms. Maura.  ****

iTunes Review by IndieIsGood, February 2011

What a great EP -- 5 wildly varied tunes all featuring a unique and outstanding voice. At first you think, "Oh, she's a little like Annie Lennox," then you think, "No, she's sort of a torch singer," then you think, "Whoa! That's a BIG voice -- like Etta James Big," and then you just stop thinking and sit back and say, "It's just GOOD." Spare, interesting arrangements, too. The terrific songwriting is hard to pigeon hole -- it's amusing and thoughtful and sometimes delightfully weird, and always tuneful and never dull. Excellent stuff. It will leave you wondering what Ms Maura will do next, and wanting much much more.

Your Pop Filter, July 2011

This is a fantastic EP that came out late last year.  Ms. Maura’s voice has SO MUCH range and expression.  The record is a tidy 5 tracks long, but these 5 tracks feel so much bigger.  Throughout the first listen, the songs seem to vary a great deal, but something unspoken ties them together.  Subsequent listens serve only to pull you deeper into her world... All in all, a very fun collection of songs, and they seem to work together, not simply 5 songs thrown together. I heartily recommend that you buy it.